If you have been told that your pet needs food for cats with bladder stones, you may wonder if this will really help. In this article, you’ll learn more about this subject, plus what else can you do to eliminate bladder crystals quickly and permanently, so that your pet never has to suffer from them again.

It’s true that food for cats with bladder stones can help dissolve crystals that do not require surgery. Normally, these are the struvite variety of crystals. The reason that this works is that junk food kibble which a lot of pet owners unwittingly feed their cats and dogs is full of chemicals that can actually alter the pH of the bladder which creates an environment in which crystals can form. By feeding your cat healthy, organic food, the pH will be restored over time. Of course the problem with this is that crystals are painful, can lead to other problems and this is why you need to resolve this issue quickly.

This is why many vets will prescribe medications that will help dissolve the crystals more quickly. Be aware though that these drugs do have side effects that can contribute to your pet’s suffering and since they do not actually heal the cause of bladder stones, they can set up your pet for recurring problems.

This is why a preventative treatment that restores the pH of the bladder and prevents crystals from forming is actually a better solution. While food for cats with bladder stones can help, natural remedies will dissolve the crystals that much faster and get your pet back on the road to good health. Since they are highly effective, yet gentle enough for older pets or pets that tend to have bladder issues, they can also be used daily for prevention. They work by restoring and maintaining a proper pH and providing essential nutrients that will heal inflamed tissues and diminish pain. Since they have no side effects and do not interact negatively with any other medicines that your cat might need to take, natural remedies are a safe and effective solution.

In addition to giving your pet food for cats with bladder stones and a natural remedy for treatment and prevention, make sure your pet gets plenty of fresh, clean water. Filtered water is best because it removes any chemicals in the water than can alter the pH of the bladder and also flushes toxins from the body. Rather than buy filtered water, just invest in a simple tap filter.