Kitty cat condos help cats get in their natural instincts to climb trees. Cats climb for many different reasons. Since many cats in the wild use the trees to hide from larger predators, or to leap down on their prey, a cat condo can be a great substitute and help fulfill their needs. There are many different types and sizes for these products, from simple single story hideaways to large floor to ceiling models with an abundance of climbing, perching and hiding places.

Because of the way cats are made, having kitty cat condos can provide many necessary things that a cat needs. They have powerful back legs that are just made for jumping and climbing, so a cat condo can help them with exercise. Some indoor cats don’t have the opportunity to get out and climb a real tree. Cats not only need to climb and jump, but they also need a safe place where they can scratch. Scratching not only helps to clean their claws, but also to get old claw coverings off. If you own a cat, then you know the importance of having a special place for you cat to scratch, because if they don’t, then you will end up with shredded furniture. Others use trees to mark their territory, and having cat condos can save your furniture from being sprayed.

Because cats love to climb, jump and scratch, having kitty cat condos can save you money in the long run, from not having to replace your valuable chairs or sofa, as well as keeping them from jumping up on your shelves or book cases and knocking your precious nick knacks over. Because there are so many different cat condo products available the choices can often be a little overwhelming, but here are a few tips to help you find one that your cat will just love.

One of the first things you should look for in kitty condos is a scratching area. Usually any vertical post will have some kind of tight rope wrapped around it. This provides the rough surface that will help them trim their claws naturally. All too often people buy those pet clippers, which if not used properly can permanently injure your pet’s claws. You want the scratching post part to be high enough so that your cat can stand on its hind legs to really get into it.

The next thing you need in a cat condo is at least one area that is enclosed so your cat can climb in and hide. You can even put a piece of cloth or a small blanket inside it, because you may find your cat curled up asleep in it. This too is because of their natural instincts to use trees for a hiding spot from larger predators. In this case, they may use this spot to hide out from other cats, or from pestering children. They should also have platforms that are large enough for your cat to sit comfortably on, set at different heights and angles so your cat can jump or climb up on them and perch. Your cat condo should also have hanging toys to keep your cats entertained.

Now the big thing about kitty cat condos is a stable base. You want the base of your cat condo to be large and stable, so that even if your cats are playing hard on it, it doesn’t fall over. Some taller models have a bracket so they can be attached to the ceiling so they don’t tip over. You will also want your condo to have some kind of covering, like carpet, so that when your cats are climbing or jumping they have a surface they can grip into, just like the bark of real trees.