Timothy is refusing to eat or drink since morning. He is inconsolable. Buster, his pet rabbit is not getting up and mom says that Buster is not well. At this tender age of eight, Timothy’s family doesn’t know how to tell him that Buster is dead.

Telling your child that their favorite pet is no more is never an easy task. Even more difficult is for the child to come to terms with this loss. Most of us have had pets when we were children. Pets form our world. We talk to them and play with them. Pets give us unconditional love and accept us just the way we are. Loss of a pet is often as painful as losing a family member.

Every pain or loss must be dealt with in the right way. Only then can one emerge stronger. Loss of life is the biggest pain that we must bear with. Research says that showing your beloved pet the love and respect that you have for it is one of the first steps in dealing with the loss. Just as we would go back to family photographs and keepsakes to remember the one who is gone forever, we can do the same for our pets too. Once you cremate your pet, you can keep their remains in an urn to hold on to their memory forever and show your appreciation.

Each pet is different in its unique way. They have their unique nuances, their characteristics and personality. Today you can choose a memorial urn that best suits your pets’ personality and pay homage to its relationship with you. The best part is you get a wide variety of affordable urns available online and you can choose one from the comfort of your home.

Types of Urns:

Based on the type of pet you (a bird, a dog, a cat, etc.) had, you can choose figurine urns where a figure of the pet stands on top of the urn box. Such urns also come in the breed of your pet.

If you had a really playful pet that preferred outdoors, what best way to commemorate their memories than having a rock urn that can be kept outside in your lawn.

To add a personal touch to your pet’s urn, you can have a photograph of your pet along with its name engraved on the urn. Photo urns come in various sizes and shapes. Generally made of solid hardwood, you would get them in the form of a box, tower, photo frame and even a dog house.

There are also various signature urns with paw prints, made of marble, in the shape of teddy bear and urn vases. Choose the one that shows you care.

Commonly a pet’s remains will be handed over to you by your Veterinarian. So once you have chosen the urn that best suits your needs consider the following to decide on the size of the urn.

A pet urn size according to the industry standard is one cubic inch for every one pound of healthy weight.

Check with the store from where you are buying the urn whether they have a return policy if the size of the urn does not meet your requirement.

The prices for pet urns vary based on their size and make. It may start from the USD 50 and can go up to USD 500.