Exotic Shorthair

If you are looking for a constant companion who will follow you around and warm your lap for hours, then this variety of cat should definitely be your choice. This affectionate breed of cat would like to be cuddled with and they are very weary of constant activities.

As a result they are well suited to a home which does not have many children around or does not entertain constant visitors.


This breed of cats is a polar opposite of shorthair. They are all about activities. This breed of cats is good for children because they like to get engaged in intelligent games. Abyssinians are not weary of people.

They like to interact with people and hence they are a great choice for families with kids.

Persian Cats

Persian cats are similar in looks to shorthair breed and their nature is also similar. They enjoy good petting sessions and pampering from their parents. Given a chance they also can return the affection and they like to remain seated at one place for a long time period.

They also do not fancy interacting with strangers and more suited for houses with only one or two people staying.

Russian Blue

As fantastic observer, this breed of cats is a very intelligent species. They tend to think before they act and like to keep close company with their parents. They want to be a part of everything their parents do and has a knack of sharing beds too.

Don’t rush your Russian Blue to socialize with your friends and neighbors and instead give them time and space to feel settled and comfortable.


Burmese cats are very friendly and interactive. As a parent, you will need to give them enough attention. They like to sit on their parents’ laps and enjoy a cuddle. They are not afraid of interacting with people or other species of pets.

In fact this breed of cat looks for affection. As a result they can be kept under the care of any good pet sitter whilst you go out for a dinner date.


They are similar to the Burmese variety of breed, in many ways. Siamese cats are very curious by nature and also they want to take part in your daily actions. They want your attention all the time and for that reason they will butt-in whilst you watch TV, have your dinner or even browse your laptop.

Their canine like behavior enables them to be a part of the famous fetch game.


This breed of cats is also an active attention seeker. Like Siamese cats, they also love to take part in games and puzzles. They are highly energetic and is good for bonding and agility training.

They tend to do well when they get all the attention as the only pet in the house.