You want to look perfect on your wedding day, from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. That’s one reason it’s important to put some thought into your choice of footwear for your wedding. Another, equally important reason is that aching, blistered feet can ruin an otherwise magical day. Here’s some suggestions for choosing your wedding footwear so it looks gorgeous and makes you feel like you can dance the night away.

Choose the Style of Your Wedding Shoes

There are four key issues you need to consider when you are selecting the style of your wedding shoes. They are:

  • Your Wedding Gown Consider the style of your gown. Is it embellished with crystals, seed pearls or other ornamentation? Then you could consider shoes that have complimentary adornment. Think about the hemline. If it’s ruffled or lacy a simple shoe style will complement the skirt without competing with it, while an embellished shoe will add elegance to a plain hemline.
  • Consider Your Wedding’s Venue Where is the wedding taking place? If it’s inside and you can’t imagine not wearing heels on this special day, then go ahead. If the ceremony is being held in a garden, at a park or on a beach, however, narrow heels will sink into the ground or sand, making walking not only awkward but hazardous as well. You would be better off choosing a pair of low, wide-heeled pumps or a pretty pair of flats or even bejeweled flip-flops.
  • How Formal is Your Wedding If your wedding is very formal, the best choice is often a classic close-toed heel. Embellished shoes are also a good choice for a formal wedding. Strappy sandals, flats, ballet slippers or kitten heels are a good choice for a more casual event.
  • The Season In days past, closed-toe shoes were the norm for winter months, but lately that standard has changed. You will not be violating any fashion rules if you choose peek toes or even sandals, particularly if you live in a part of the country where it is somewhat warmer during that season.

Seriously Consider Comfort

Don’t let aching feet spoil your wedding day. Even though you may absolutely love that pair of stunning stilettos, you may regret choosing them after hours of standing for photos and receiving lines. Whatever shoes you choose, make sure they fit properly. Shoe pads can not only make the shoes more comfortable, but can prevent your foot from sliding and your toes hanging over the edge.

Make sure you break your wedding shoes in before the big day. A few weeks before the wedding start wearing your shoes indoors for an hour or two a day. This is particularly important if you have chosen heels and you don’t normally wear them. This will also allow the shoes to stretch a little bit if they need to. Remember, your wedding shoes don’t have to perfectly match your gown as far as fabric or color goes, but they should complement your dress. Have your shoes with you when you go for each of your dress fittings so the dress is made the proper length. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll put your best foot forward on your wedding day.