There is the kindest, most caring, sensitive, finest, wonderful teacher I have ever met or known, and her name is Michelle. Michelle is a graduate of the University of Arizona, and she eventually became a science and math teacher in the Phoenix area. Later, she went back to college and also worked as a Lab Technician. Michelle is so very smart. Having a loving heart, she ended up with a Main Coon cat, that she named James, and a Siamese cat she named Sahara. Then Michelle also acquired a black cat and called her Demona Destiny, and an adorable calico cat she named Luna Bell. Luna had one moon on each ear. Plus, Michelle was given a tiny black cat which was found in a couch, the kitten had crawled inside a hole in the couch and was hiding, and the couch was in a vacant lot. The kitten was brought from another state to Michelle, and she named him “Goblin Miracle”. Michelle is the most lady, amazing cat mom, taking care of four cats, and holding down different jobs., yet still being so loving and kind, plus caring always. When I saw Michelle she just made me want to cry, so often, because I cared for her so much and just wanted to help her get rest from all of her intense work. So I took over the job of cleaning up after the cats and feeding them and giving them water. I really appreciated her letting me help her, and I loved the cats so much. Michelle has many talents and gifting’s, she is a very spiritual Magickal Jewelry maker, and has plans in the future to open a Jewelry/Gift Shop, and possibly even more exclusive than that, and she is also a spectacular gardener. This fine teacher has Interior decorating skills, and she is a artist, a musician and singer, and listens to and loves music from all over the world.

We drove all four cats (before we had the fifth one) and a Penske truck, that was hauling a Saturn car, to Wisconsin. It was so nice to be in beautiful Wisconsin, with rivers, lakes, green meadows. forests and nice people. The climate was cooler and enjoyable, and we visited Llama farms, and Alpaca ranches, for breeding them. We went to huge pumpkin drops (some weighing up to 1000 lbs.) and carvings, miraculously big crafts and Cranberry Warrens, Wisconsin, and great pumpkin patch named Altenburg’s, east of Wood County. We also visited Marshfield Wisconsin, plus were invited to Michelle’s brother’s Log Mansion in Michigan, Before we drove there, we stopped at the Living Spirit Book Store and purchased a precious book Titled “Wicca For Couples”. This was in 2004, and this book is written by author A.J. Drew, and has proven to be a very valuable, meaningful, necessity, and has helped us tremendously and will forever. The teachings in the book of “live and let live”, harm none”, and “love is the law”, plus also about the “covens”, those will stay with us, and in us, forever. Michelle, being a great teacher so appreciates Wicca and the teachings of the universe, and have I. We drove through down town Chicago to get to the part of Michigan we were going to, but when we were there, it was on lake side property. Michelle’s brother is a scientist, he has invented vaccines for different types of farm and other cattle animals, and other possibilities. Michelle was so hospitable towards me, and so was her family. The log mansion was one of a kind, and we had a great time there. We slept on a waterbed in the spare room. I had not done that in years and I still would look at the “Wicca for Couples” book at every chance I could.

Thanks to Michelle’s brother, we were sent across the Great Lakes on a ferry back, to save us mileage, and it was something to never forget. We eventually went on two more visits to Michigan driving there and back. Michelle has flown there many times to visit everyone. Her brother’s wife and her nephew and niece are very incredible people, so very smart and very out going like Michelle and her brother.

Of course Michelle’s dad and mom were very outgoing too. Michelle’s dad was an Electrical Engineer, he even invented certain telephones for GTE in Arizona, and did all kinds of amazing things. Michelle’s mom was so spectacular, just like Michelle. I saw a DVD about her mom, and she and her dad, plus their whole family, are so great. I am so glad that I can have a chance to know them, and go above and beyond, even over and above, and way beyond that. That is the way I have always believed, in the greater, greater, greater, way beyond, and being a Wiccan I am continually making progress, and writing Magickal lists and things down just like Michelle and Silver have taught me to do, along with all of the other things I am suppose to do, and do Magickally as a Wiccan, and it’s working. Michelle bought a home in Wisconsin and we painted it purple, and she planted gardens all around it and took such great care of them. One day she began making a Rock Garden, and it became so fantastic. There were smaller types of flowering plants that come back every year, but they are very unique and I will totally save that for her to tell you about. She is so smart, she can name every kind of flower and plant, and when she does have a Jewelry/Gifts/Website I’m sure it will include her Gardens. When I was going to college online at Devry, and every day, Michelle has taught me so very much continually, and I teach her and send her and the cat’s magick and love continually and always. Michelle said to me when I was going through some training for online global data entry, she said “Not only do we believe, we are believe,” in such as that our very essence is made of the aspects that would formulate “believe.”