Let me guess, your kitten is not using the litter box and it’s driving you crazy. If so continue to read and you will learn some real helpful tips. Litter training kittens is not because the kitten does not like you, it’s because you are not kitten educated and it really make you and your cat frustrated. Litter training kittens can become a little frustrating but don’t worry her are some tips to keep in mind:

1. First and foremost you need to understand that a kitten learns how to use the litter when its mother teaches it how to do so. So now the mother kitten is not around, so that leaves you to teach your kitten how to train your kitten

2. Never place your litter box in the bathroom unless you have nowhere else to place it. Also do not place your kittens litter box in any busy place at your home, it does nothing but makes your cat feel uncomfortable.

3. Use great litter! If this is not new to you then you have nothing to worry about it, for those who use really dusty cheap litter, stop it now. It does nothing but hurts your cats lungs and the texture does not feel great your kitten.

4. Do not use scented litter! Yeah I know it smells good to you but you are not the one that has to use that area to go potty. Scented litter turns your kitten away from it because they want to smell themselves in there litter. It complicates the whole going to potty for the cat.

5. Empty the litter box completely once a month At least. This by itself will make litter training kittens much easier. Just dump the litter in a handy trash bag. Do not use any type of strong home cleaners to clean your kittens litter box.

6. Use a cat spray! Most cat owners don’t really know that there are sprays on the market that help you attract your cat to there litter box, check your local pet store and see which one will be best for you.