The natural treatment of stomatitis in cats is likely to be the most effective, the longest lasting. Good natural treatment will always consider the cause, not just the symptoms. And in looking for any cause of any condition, you need, as a matter of priority, to have an open mind.

By far the fastest as well as the deepest modality of natural health care, let alone any health care, is homeopathy. A good homeopath will always search for the cause, however unlikely that may sound to you.

Here we examine how a good homeopath’s mind works when confronted with a cat with stomatitis.

Stomatitis is inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth. It can be the gums, the tongue, even the throat. Invariably a mainstream veterinarian will prescribe antibiotics. But these frequently don’t work, or it may keep recurring. And antibiotics only ever treat the symptoms, never the cause.

Let’s look at a cats mouth. Cats teeth are sharp and spiky to catch prey and then to crunch up on all the meat, including bones. In crunching up on the fresh and bones, the teeth are kept clean and the food massages the gums.

Most domestic cats are fed a commercial cat food. Some of it is soft. Some is hard pellets or biscuits. Obviously the soft food has none of the advantages of a real prey in keeping your cat’s mouth clean.

Often the pellets are advertised as being as good as bones for keeping the teeth clean and the gums massaged, but this is far from true. The only way you may believe me is from trial and error. Does you cat eat pellets? Are her teeth clean and healthy or do they need regular veterinary cleaning? Are the gums healthy, or does she regularly suffer from stomatitis?

All health is determined, to a greater or lesser extent on diet. A good natural diet will provide for all your cat’s nutritional needs as well as mental well being. A good natural diet will prevent disease, by ensuring your cat’s immune system is strong. Few, if any, commercial cat foods provide this, despite their claims.

So a typical homeopathic treatment of stomatitis in your cat will entail a change of diet to a natural one and the most appropriate homeopathic treatment that considers your cat’s personal symptoms. This approach ensures a quick resolution to the current problem and preventative measures for its future recurrence.