The natural treatment of pyometra in dogs,and cats (although cats seem to suffer less than dogs from this condition) is best treated by raising the immune system of the animal.

First let’s look at what pyometra is. It affects the uterus and can come on quite suddenly. Any age can be affected, regardless of whether she has had puppies before. An infection of the uterus is the natural outcome, with or without a discharge.

All ailments come about because the immune system cannot do its job. An efficient immune system will always prevent disease from occurring.

There are many things which adversely affect an immune system. One of the most common reasons in dogs and cats is their diet. Commercial pet food can be blamed, fairly and squarely for many ailments and early deaths in pets. Many eminent scientists and holistic veterinarians have found that the health of animals improves immeasurably by feeding them a quality raw food diet.

So this is the man area you need to address.

Drugs and vaccines also take their toll on an efficient immune system. Natural treatment of ailments, on the other hand, boost the immune system. The contrasting philosophies is quite stark. One further damages, the other supports the body’s best effects.

The homeopathic treatment of pyometra in dogs and pyometra in cats quickly raises the immune system, so that the dog (or cat) can cure themselves.

This is best dealt with by a professional homeopath who treats animals, as there can be complications.

However, the use of some homeopathic home prescribing medicines may tide you over until you can get to one.

Sepia is a common homeopathic home prescribing medicine which is focused on a static system. That is one where there seems to be no dynamic action. Everything is sluggish, dull. The immune system is really struggling.

The mind is indifferent, worn out, pathetic, or irritable because the load of life is too much. The body has lax muscles, lax tissues, varicose veins, prolapse. Infection is common. The hormones can’t work efficiently in this environment so virtually anything can result, from vaginal discharge with an itch, to a lack of interest in mating, to infertility, to miscarriages, a lack of maternal interest or to an infection.