Remember the games of Bobbing for Apples you played at all those elementary birthday parties? Remember how fun it was to dip in and get a big mouthful of something sweet and juicy?

Okay, you hated it, but this version will be a very different experience! Now that you’re all grown up, let your man put those long-neglected skills to work with a very pleasurably adult version of Bobbing for Apples.

Turn off all the lights and fill the tub. A cinnamon-apple scented votive candle or six might give you just the flickering warmth and come-hither atmosphere you want for this spicy little game.

Skip the bubbles and omit the bath bomb (you want nothing to leave a bad taste in his mouth), but drizzle a little olive oil into your steaming-hot tub to keep your skin silky and just a tiny bit slippery. Relax into your bath and soak a bit, then invite your man in to create a smokin’ hot, grown-up Halloween memory.

First Rule: No hands. Everything you have on wet and glistening display is tempting and delicious, and he may certainly want a big succulent mouthful, but to get your round, choice “apples” he must lean over the side of the tub with his hands behind his back and work for them with just his mouth and tongue. You might make things easy for him, or you might not.

Second Rule: If he breaks the First Rule, he has to strip and get in. Slowly, for your pleasure, in the flickering candlelight. This one may not be all that hard for him.

Although I think it’s gonna be hard for you. In a really, really good way.

Who says all the hot, steamy sexy stuff belongs to Valentine’s Day?